Church Street Funding

Church Street Funding

Once again I teamed up with Voist and and the City of Westminster to develop a website for their Arts and Culture Funding Program.

The site allows users to register, manage incomplete applications, upload required documents and submit proposals. Admin uses are then able to review submissions, comment on them, have admins review those comments and allow them to be approved by a 'super' user. It also tracks the amount of funding allocated and the remaining funds.

The brief required that the site was built with a PHP backend. So after shopping around a bit I settled on Laravel which I've written about before. As I say, it's a really elegant framework that does a great job of being present without getting in the way and has a killer ORM. I was also required to future-proof the site so that it can accommodate other funding programs and Laravel's structure made that much more intuitive.

Once again, I was thrilled to have another opportunity to team up with front-end developer Chloe Frank who took care of the CSS/HTML and some of the JavaScript. We settled on Foundation for a front-end framework which is an old favourite and does a great job of cutting down development time.

It was great project to work on and I'm really pleased with the outcome. You can see the site here: