About me

I'm a Senior freelance web Developer living in Melbourne Australia with over fifteen years experience in a wide range of agency and freelance settings. I'm passionate about quality, durable code and excited by the possibilities the internet for data and communication.

My languages of choice are Python, PHP and Javascript. HTML and CSS are second nature and I have extensive experience with a variety of databases including MySQL/MariaDB, SQLite and PostgreSQL. While I tend to lean more towards the backend side of development I'm just as confortable with frontend development as well and have a lot of experience with modern tools such as SCSS/SaSS, NPM, Gulp, Bower, Webpack and so on.

Python has been my predominate language recently where I have been using both the Flask and Django frameworks. PHP is the first language I learnt and I love the Laravel and Lumen frameworks as well as current developments in PHP7 which is making it a modern and exciting language again. And as someone that learnt vanilla Javascript in the early 2000s I can't help but be excited by things like NodeJS, NPM, Gulp, Bower and Webpack as well as libraries and frameworks like ReactJS which I relish the opportunity to use.

I'm passionate about Test Driven Development and am starting to use Behaviour Driven Development more and more. Version control is central to the way I work and place a great importance on having good systems in place when it comes to the use of Git.

My DevOps skills have also improved dramatically recently and I have a solid knowledge of Cloud-based hosting solutions (particularly AWS) and have been getting to know Ansible Playbooks for provisioning and deployment.


Feel free to get in touch at: hammy@falconry.io