An update

So my compadre (and former podcast co-host) Terry is currently doing a bit of travel around SE Asia and blogging fairly regularly. It has reminded me that I have an unloved blog and how I'd like to write more.

The problem is I either feel like I don't have anything to say or that shouldn't write something or other for fear of others reading it and that affecting my employment. Of course no one at my work has any idea I have a blog or has even searched for me to check.

Terry's blog is being really honest as he does a bit of soul searching. I just don't feel like writing about the soul searching at the moment but appreciate when he writes about it so maybe I should open up a little.

There have been a lot of big changes in my life since April when my wife and I returned to Australia. It's been a long a difficult readjustment period. I still miss London a lot.

But we're now living in an apartment in Coburg that we're renting off a friend while we look to buy a house or flat somewhere fairly inner city. It's good to be living on our own again (we were living with my Mum for the first few months) and to have all our stuff back in one place for the first time in 6 years.

I'm working for an advertising agency which is a curious career development. It's a great opportunity though because I'm the only developer and can, more or less, use whatever tech I want. There's lots of processes to develop for the organisation and I'm pretty well left to my own devices which is nice. That said, I miss being around other developers and the commute (Coburg to Windsor) is a bitch.

There are also jobs that are very lucrative for the company but really boring for me so, you know, swings and round-abouts. It's a good team as well. But then again it's advertising.

I have been cycling into work a bit - 15km each way. It's leaving me hurting in ways I wont bore you with here but is also rewarding. I was pulled over by the police on my bike last week for running a red light on my bike. There wasn't another car for miles. Bored cops are the worst.

And so I blog again! More to come I hope. Does anyone care about my saving routine at the moment? I could blog about that.