Updating my 'resources' repo

At [PEXA](https://www.pexa.com.au/), I'm lucky enough to work with a bunch of really smart passionate people who really care about their craft. As a result I'm exposed to a huge amount of resources that I'm finding really useful at a point in my career where my focus is shifting to a business-wide view, rather than the detailed day-to-day of coding (although there's still plenty of that).

So I decided to get in and update my [Resources](https://github.com/hammygoonan/Resources) page which I've had kicking around for about nine years and haven't updated for over two years. It was an interesting exercise which really demonstrated how much my focus has changed, and how much the world of Software Engineering has changed.

The first thing I did was delete a bunch of Python stuff. I'm pretty much 100% NodeJS/Typescript these days. I also delete a bunch of VueJS stuff as all the frontend work I do is now ReactJS. I also deleted all the ReactJS stuff because I haven't used a class-based component in a long time and it all seemed terribly dated.

Next I deleted a whole bunch of server setup stuff. Partially because there was some PHP and Python bits that I don't use any more, but mostly because everything is containerised now so you just don't need it.

One interesting decision was: do I delete the [Block Element Modifier](http://getbem.com/) link? It's a rock solid system that I think stands the test of time, but I just use [TailwindCSS](https://tailwindcss.com/) these days so it's no longer relevant. I removed all the links to SASS. Again, TailwindCSS, but more importantly a combination of modern CSS and PostCSS means there's no need for SASS/SCSS these days.

Take a look if you're interested. I've added "Career" and "DevEx" sections that I expect will grow quite a bit as I keep this list more actively maintains. I expect I'll reorganise it all as well to align some headings. Hope it's useful.