So there I was, moaning about the current state of CSMs when I attended the Django mini-conf before PyConAu an saw Adam Brenecki's presentation: Comparing Wagtail, Django CMS and Mezzanine.

For whatever reason Wagtail really appealed to me. It had a really nice interface and seemed to do a good job of providing a bunch of CMS features but one that could get out of the way as well. It more or less has no public facing front end which really appeals to me - you can just go nuts with your Django templates - and the admin section looked nice, modern and easy to use.

I've got a big project on the boil at the moment so I installed it to have a bit of a play around and am so far very impressed. I'll let you know how I get on and in the mean time if I come across any 'gotchas' I'll try and do a post on them to help anyone else starting out.

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