AFL Tipster

AFL Tipster

I'm a massive fan of Australian Rules Football and every year I end up in a tipping competition of one sort or another. And every year I get really frustrated at the poor design of sites that are more concerned with advertising revenue from gambling companies than a half decent user experience.

So I set about building my own...

I build the site in Python using the Flask micro-framework. The first step was to build an API which help me consolidate all the data I needed and then made public.

I then went about building a user interface so that people can login, enter their tips, create and join competitions. I used Foundation as a front end framework which made making the site responsive quite straight forward.

The site uses a combination of Requests and BeautifulSoup to periodically scrape Wikipedia looking for changes in match details and results.

It ended up being a much bigger task than expected (isn't it always) and there are plenty of other features I'd like to implement as well as improvements to the API I'd like to make. But it's a work in progress and one I'm looking forward to when the season starts.

You can see the site here: